Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break

Today officially starts our Spring Break, so I'll be taking a break from the blog until the kids head back to school.  I'm looking forward to some uninterrupted time with my kids to just play, get outside and craft of course.  I'll be back in approximately 11 days or so.  :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Flower Cone

I wanted to make a little something for my children's teachers before we head off onto Spring Break.  I thought I would get them some pretty spring flowers, tulips maybe, and put them in a hanging cone.  I've seen these made of paper before, but wanted something a little more sturdy.

A while ago, I found a remnant at my local fabric store that was like a lacy vinyl tablecloth.  I liked that it was more sturdy than paper, and the vinyl made it waterproof, which was great for the flower part.  I also liked the vintage look of the lacy design so I decided to use it.

I cut out 8 1/2" x 11" pieces and wrapped them into a cone shape.  I used hot glue to keep them together.  I punched a hole on each side, added some ribbon for hanging and a tag, and they were ready for use.

The bottom of the cones was still a bit open, so I placed the flowers in baggies with a wet paper towel.  These tulips slipped right in, as if they were made for these beautiful spring cones.  I hope our wonderful teachers enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Handmade Sparkly Shoes - Take Two!

Last summer, I made my daughter these sparkly canvas shoes.  Sadly, those shoes got too small and since it was absolutely necessary to have another pair, we set to work right away!

We used her pink Converse tennis shoes.  She wears these shoes EVERYWHERE!  But she didn't mind if we changed them up a bit, adding a little sparkle.  We threw them in the wash before starting - don't they look brand new? 

Using my favorite adhesive, E-6000...

...we adhered some colorful flower shaped rhinestones.

These are not nearly as sparkly as our first pair, but she loves them just the same.  And did you know E-6000 even holds up in the mud?