Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine Table Display

I finally got all of my Christmas decorations put away and quickly pulled out my Valentine's Day decorations.  I only have a few items, but really enjoy the simplicity that the colors of this holiday bring, especially during the dreary winter.
I had some artificial roses left over from a project I never started, so I finally put them to good use.  I used these styrofoam cubes (purchased for yet another project never started) to create a simple table display.

The roses were already trimmed from the bunch they came on and had a two inch stem.  I pushed them into the cube, making three rows of three flowers.  I put all the white roses in one cube, all the pink in another and all the red in another. 


I wanted to group these together, so I first rubberbanded them, then used masking tape to hold the three cubes together.


And last, I used a piece of scrap faux leather fabric to wrap around the styrofoam cubes, and added some coordinating ribbon for a neat finish.  I just used hot glue to attach the fabric and ribbon.  I love the way this simple display turned out!


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