Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beaded Ribbon Necklace

I found these simple but cute wooden beads at American Science & Surplus for only $1.50 for a package of 150!  Seriously, this place is so cool, and is not only heaven for my science loving son, but for his crafty loving mommy too. 

So, I decided I wanted to use the beads to make a fun little necklace.  I used some navy ribbon and looped it around each bead.


I used some miscellaneous pieces I had to create the back of the necklace.  I tied off the ends of the ribbon onto the small chains, then attached a hair elastic between the chains.  The elastic actually worked out really great, because it gives the necklace enough stretch that I can put it over my head, but keeps it short while wearing.

I had a hard time taking a picture of myself wearing the necklace, so here is just the necklace itself.  As you can see in the pic, I also added two specialty beads I had.  They are a kind of terra cotta color with navy designs, so they blend in really well.  It didn't take long to put together and I thought it turned out pretty cute!

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