Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Banner

I mentioned I was working in my son's first grade class yesterday.  His teacher was in a meeting while I was there, so I took that opportunity to ask each of the kids why they were thankful for her.  I wrote down each of their responses on a card.  I found this "I am thankful" printable at Family Fun that worked perfectly.

I took each of these cards and stitched them to a square of felt.  I laid them all out in a design that would work as a banner and used hot glue to attach twine to the back to keep them all together (thanks to my husband for that quick and easy idea).  I added a dowel at the top with twine so she could hang it.

She loved it, especially the picture of the class in the center of the banner.

Curious to know why first graders are thankful for their teacher?  When you have a teacher as kind and caring as she is, you get quite an array of responses.  Here are a few.  :)

* She never gives up on us.
* She's very nice and very happy.
* She doesn't get grumpy.
* She lets us play football outside.
* She reads to us.
* She's nice and doesn't scream.
* She teaches us math.
* She thanks you for helping out.
* She helps us when we need help.
* She helps me sound out words.

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