Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa Letters

Every year, my kids write a letter to Santa.  This year's wishes include scooters, mighty beanz and princess dolls. 

And every year, my kids get a letter from Santa in the mail, addressed to them, with a North Pole postmark and everything!  They are always so excited!  How do I do it?  Do I spend $9.99 for that special letter from an online Santa letter factory?  Nope!  I do it practically for nothing, except for a little creativity of course.

After my kids write their letters to Santa, I secretly write a letter to them from Santa.  I make sure to include the most important details, like items from their wish list, big accomplishments at home or school and names of family members or friends.

I use a pretty piece of holiday scrapbooking paper to either write or print the letter onto.  Then I place it in an envelope (with Christmas magic, aka glitter) and address the envelope to them and put Santa's name as the return address.  Don't forget the stamp!

Then, I put that sealed envelope into another plain envelope, stamp it and address it to here:

North Pole Christmas
Cancellation Postmaster
5400 Mail Trail
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709-9998

If you get it in before December 15th, your response will have an official postmark from the North Pole and will arrive in time for Christmas.  It has worked for us every year!


  1. So cool! We haven't wrote letters yet, it's on my list for the advent calendar. (I found a super cute large Santa calendar for $6 at AC Moore, it has little pockets so I'm going to put activities & such in the pockets, similar to your chain!)

    Do you put both letters in 1 envelope to North Pole Christmas?

  2. That's great Amanda - it sounds really cute!

    I usually put each letter in a separate envelope.