Saturday, October 2, 2010

Countdown to Candy

I saw this adorable countdown calendar over at How Does She and knew I would have to give this a try!  We have advent and countdown type calendars at Christmastime, but I just never thought to do something for Halloween.  I knew the kids would love it!

So, with my hubby's help (and awesome woodworking skills) I had him cut me a base and two cubes from some of his scrap wood.

Next, I used acrylic paint to paint the wood.  I chose purple for the cubes and orange for the base.

Next, I used some scrap Halloween paper to cut the squares that would cover the cubes.

Then, I put a layer of Mod Podge on the cubes and arranged the paper squares.

I added adhesive vinyl numbers to each cube to do the counting-down.

I also decided to cover the base with some Halloween scrapbooking paper as well, and added vinyl letters to spell "Countdown to Candy."

I sat this on a shelf in our living room with a cute little spider we got from Hallmark.

A big thank you to How Does She for sharing such a fabulous idea!  My kids love it so much I'm sure they'll be fighting over whose turn it is to change the numbers (they were fighting over who would do it today)!  Only 29 more days!

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