Monday, July 12, 2010

Headband Roll

My daughter has a TON of hair clips and headbands!  A while ago, I made this adorable tutu hair clip holder following a tutorial I found online.  I even included a center ribbon that had small loops on the back to hold some headbands she had. 

It was working out great, until all she wanted to wear was headbands.  Her headband collection grew, but our space to keep them just wasn't cutting it.  I was inspired by an idea to create a bolster style pillow to keep the headbands on.  It looked really cute and seemed pretty simple to create.  Then I hit the jackpot!  I found these bolster pillow forms at a local yard sale.  I got two for $3!

So, I used some leftover fabric I had used to create the tutu hair clip holder.  I sewed along one side of the fabric to create a sleeve.  After pushing the bolster through the fabric sleeve, I tucked the extra fabric into the ends of the bolster and added an extra piece of coordinating fabric. 

I think it turned out really well and looks so cute with all the headbands on it.  The big plus is that her headbands won't get tangled up in a basket.  The bigger plus is that she can take them off and put them back herself, meaning I shouldn't find headbands laying all over my house.


  1. I see myself having to make this soon.All H will wear are "crowns".

  2. Crowns - that's so cute Lucy! You can probably buy these pillow forms at Joann's, and the rest is pretty easy!