Thursday, February 16, 2012

Teacher's Chocolate Survival Kit

I love my children's teachers!  I guess that's why I volunteered to be room mom for both of my kids' classes this year - yes, I often wonder, what was I thinking; and no, I don't have that much free time, although I like to think I do.

When your children are lucky enough to have caring, dedicated and positive teachers in their lives on a daily basis, it's nice to do a little something for them to show them how much you appreciate all that they do.

I made this teacher's survival kit for my daughter's teacher for American Education Week.  As a former teacher, I remember that week all too well.  It was exciting and stressful all at the same time, but a little treat would surely help a teacher survive any rough patch during that week.

I purchased a plastic jewelry organizer at my local craft store and covered the lid with some pretty scrapbooking paper and adhesive letters.  I added some of the teacher's favorite treats and topped it off with a pretty ribbon.  She loved it!

This would make an easy and sweet gift for a teacher at any time of the year!  I'm thinking of making one for myself to keep at home!

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