Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girl's Ruffled Heart Valentine's Day Dress

Wow, it's been like forever since I've posted here at the blog!  Life got hectic and the blog had to be pushed to the back burner.  But with life settling into a better groove, I set a goal for this new year to give a little bit of my time back to blogging.  So, if you've stuck around this long, you might as well stick around a little longer, to see what new crafty adventures I have up my sleeve.

First up, is this adorable ruffled heart dress I made for my daughter for Valentine's Day.  I found the idea on Pinterest.  Don't you just love that place?  I could wallow away the hours pinning.  And although I pin a lot of stuff, I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job at actually doing projects that I pin.  For every 100 projects that I pin, I probably make 1.  That's good, right?  Just say it's good!  :)

So anyway, I saw THIS cute tutorial for making a ruffled heart dress.  Easy to follow instructions and clear pictures to show you step by step what to do.  I was not planning on making the dress, but I did have a denim jumper that needed a little TLC.  It was just kind of blah and I thought that adding the ruffled heart to this jumper would be just the thing to make it fun to wear again.  I used an old red tee for the ruffled heart, the hem of the red tee for the belt and a red chiffon layer from an old dress to add to the bottom of the jumper (it was a little on the short side, so this helped with the length). 

I think it took about an hour to complete.  Now, we have a cute dress to wear for Valentine's Day and were able to repurpose a piece of clothing.

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