Thursday, June 9, 2011

Empowerment Pebbles

I made these empowerment pebbles for my son after seeing the idea HERE.  He's a big rock collector and was so excited about adding these to his collection.  He's also a nature and animal lover and enjoyed reading how each of the animals on the pebbles represented a special gift children have.

We used the animal descriptions from Marghanita's site, but my son wants to add his own animal designs to more pebbles and make up his own new descriptions for the animal's gift.  I love the creativity and writing opportunity this will provide and will come back and share his creations soon.  Here are the animal descriptions for these pebbles:

WOLF: Special Person – Just as the wolf howls its proud song to the moon, you too can recognize that you are a unique and special child. You are a lovable and wonderful child!

RAVEN: Curiosity – The raven is never bored, always curious, always exploring every corner of the world. So too can you awaken your sense of wonder – discover nature and its endless wonder.

SALMON: Sharing – just as the salmon shares its body with the bear, otter, eagle and human, so too can you learn to share your food, your feelings, your fears, your books and toys. Sharing is one of the most important traditions.

SPIDER: Patience – Spider spins her web and waits, and waits, and waits…Spider knows that her patience will be rewarded with a fly in her trap and a meal for her young. You too can learn the lesson of patience; all things will not come to you instantly.

BEAR: Strength – The powerful grizzly bear will bring you to the gift of strength-inner strength to help you through sad moments in your life. Like the mother grizzly bear who overturns logs to feed insects to her cubs, or to protect them from danger, you too can learn to be strong.

HUMMINGBIRD: Happiness – Hummingbird, this joyful little spirit, brings happiness into your life. All the sweetness in the nectar is yours. Remember to take time and smell the flowers and find joy in all you see and do.

DEER: Peacefulness – The gentle deer brings you the gift of a peaceful spirit. Deers are always aware, always alert, but at the same time they are peaceful and gentle. Take time to be quiet. Ask your parents to take you to a beautiful meadow of wildflowers or the hushed silence of the forest and you will know the gift of the deer.


  1. This is awesome! I'm going to make some, and get all the kids and adults I know involved! Loving your blog :)

  2. How lovely Kimberly. Your empowerment pebbles look FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much for sharing my blog post. Thrilled to hear your son wants to add to his collection. Kids of all ages really love this activity, especially incorporating animals from their local environment. Another really nice way to help them remember the meaning of the animal is to write it on the back of the pebble. Wishing you and your son many more magical moments with your empowerment pebbles……………. Marghanita