Thursday, June 16, 2011

At Home Summer Camp - Sneak Peek

Only one more day of school before our summer vacation officially begins!  I think I'm just as excited as the kids!  A little break from the rushing to and from school, homework and projects will be nice in exchange for carefree, relaxing days by the pool.

But, I know the kids will get restless probably by noon of the first day, so I've created an at home summer camp schedule of fun stuff for us to do.  This is the second year I've done this and it was a BIG help last year in keeping us busy.  The schedule of crafts, activities and learning opportunities is vast, but very flexible.  If we get to it, great; if not, it's ok and we can either move it to another week or save it for next year.  But, at least I have a resource of activities to choose from so we don't get stuck in the rut of watching tv all summer.

Today, I wanted to share a sneak peek with you of what I have planned.  I hope that at the end of each week, I can share with you all the details of our fun.  I assigned each week a theme and included day trips, crafts, recipes and learning activities that revolve around that theme. 

Here is our schedule of themes:

Week of 6/20 - Camping in our own Backyard
Week of 6/27 - America the Beautiful
Week of 7/4 - Weather Around Us
Week of 7/11 - Archaeology
Week of 7/18 - Moving Science
Week of 7/25 - Nature: In the Garden
Week of 8/1 - Beach: Sea Life
Week of 8/8 - Space Exploration
Week of 8/15 - Pioneer Days
Week of 8/22 - Back to School

Some of our day trips, recipes and crafts may change with our themes, but some activities will be a constant each day or week.  Every week, we'll visit our local library to pick up new books for our theme as well as check in for our summer reading program.  And daily (or almost daily) we will make time for some workbook practice, journal writing and reading.

Want a better idea of what we'll be working on for a theme?  Here's a look at our first week's theme of Camping:

  • visit library for new books and summer reading
  • make a bead bookmark
  • decorate a summer memory box
  • make a personalized name camp sign
  • complete summer activities journal
  • make friendship bracelets and mail them to friends
  • make ice cream in a bag
  • weave a summer sun
  • complete the camping checklist activity
  • make a paper bead necklace

I hope you'll join us for some summertime fun with our at home camp ideas!

This blog post is written in memory of Naida Scaggs.
Rest in sweet peace, dear friend.

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  1. I hope I didn't miss the registration for your camp! I'd love to sign my kids up!! :)

    Seriously, that looks like an awesome plan and your first week sounds like a great start to summer. I can't wait to see all your great ideas throughout the next couple months.

    Laura @ Come Together Kids