Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making Friendship Bracelets with Craft Hope

I recently discovered Craft Hope and was excited to see all the awesome projects they initiate to gather crafters for a good cause.  I was really interested in helping with Project 12: Orphan Outreach

"For Project 12, we are partnering with Orphan Outreach and sending them with a little love to take to Russia. This time we will be making bracelets for them to pass out to kids. Bracelets are a huge hit with kids of all ages — hemp bracelets or beaded bracelets. They are going on a trip in August and have asked us to collect bracelets for them."
We have tons of supplies for making bracelets - embroidering floss, yarn, pony beads, etc.  And this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the kids and their friends involved too.  So, we have started making bracelets, but wanted to ask for your help.

You can find out all the details, including what kind of bracelets to make, and where to send your bracelets at the Craft Hope website.  Or if you are in the Baltimore area and can get your bracelets to me, I will send all of our bracelets together, on behalf of The Muddy Princess and our readers.  How many bracelets can we get together to send for this great cause?  I think our goal should be at least 100 bracelets! 

So, get out your supplies and start making bracelets!  Working together we can easily help out.  Are you in?

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