Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pirate Girl Skirt

My kids love that new show on Disney Junior, Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  My daughter especially loves that there is a girl pirate and has been dreaming of being a pirate for next Halloween.  But, after seeing this super simple tutorial over at Filth Wizardry, I knew I would have to get her exploring now with this adorable pirate skirt!
I started with 2 bandanas, that I purchased from Joann's.  I washed and air dried the bandanas, then ironed out the wrinkles.  I used a large plastic lid (about 5 inches wide) to draw a circle in the center of each bandana.

Next, I cut a line from the center of one of the sides to the circle, and cut out the circle.  Save those circles - you can put them to use later.

Then, I put the bandanas on top of one another right sides together, and stitched along one of the sides where I cut.  When you open them back up, you can see the skirt starting to form, with one side hem stitched and the other side hem still open.

I used one of my husband's old ribbed t-shirts and cut about 6 inches from the bottom.  This is going to make the waist.  I cut along the shirt's side hem so I had one long piece and not a tube, and started pinning it to the top part of the skirt, right sides together.  Then I ran a straight stitch.

I used the original hem from the bottom of the shirt to run my elastic through for the waist.  Once the elastic was in place, I folded the bandanas back over, right sides together, and ran a straight stitch on the other open side hem all the way up through the waist.

It looks so adorable and was so easy to make!  I used one of the extra circles of bandana fabric and appliqued it onto the front of a tank top.  I think we will try to make some pirate swords this weekend as well.  Please be sure to check out Filth Wizardry for her simple step by step tutorial, and make a pirate skirt for your own little swashbuckler!


  1. that is SO kids are really into pirates right now too!

  2. Such a cute skirt! Thanks for sharing!
    I'm your newest follower : )