Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pressed Penny Coin Tube

Over the holidays, the kids found out we are going back to Disney World!  We went for the first time this time last year and had a good time, but unfortunately, our daughter got really sick our second day there, and missed out on a lot of fun.  My husband and I were both feeling pretty bummed about it, so we worked some things out to make another trip.  Fingers crossed everyone stays well this time!
I've been working on a few goodies for the kids to take along with them, including this coin tube.  My kids love to make those pressed pennies wherever we go, and Disney World was no exception.  The problem was, every time they spotted one of the machines, we had to dig in our bag for change.  Hopefully this tube will help solve that problem and give the kids a convenient place to hold their quarters and pennies to fund their pressed penny collection.

I found these mini M&M tubes on After-Christmas-Clearance for just a few cents.

After the kids ate the candy, I removed the wrapper.

Next, I cut some Disney scrapbooking paper into strips to cover the tubes.

Using Mod Podge, I adhered the strips to the tubes.
I used about 3 coats to make sure they stayed put.

To get the kids involved, I had them sort out the quarters and pennies they would need.
They created a pattern - quarter, quarter, penny,
since you would need 2 quarters and a penny each time you wanted to make a pressed penny.
They added them to their tubes.

And here is the finished project!
They were really simple to make and hopefully will prove very useful.


  1. great idea! I should do something like this for my daughter. She constantly wants to ride the machines at the mall and she could collect her quarters in that so I'm not always digging in my purse.

  2. I used to use these tubes for laundry money when I was in college....Mine was painted with nail polish. They held the quarters perfectly and would stay shut in my purse.
    I have to pass the pressed penny idea on to my sister...she collects them....what a perfect way to wrangle all that change