Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Hair Goodies

I have a ton of ribbon and I thought I would try to put some of it to use by making my daughter a few hair accessories.  I am no hair bow expert, so everything you see here, is plain and simple!

This headband is my absolute favorite!  I took a plain white plastic headband and hot glued the red ribbon to it.  To make that cute little bow, I just made a loop with those two ribbons, glued them together and wrapped the pink ribbon around the center.  The festive red makes it perfect for Christmas, but she can also wear it for Valentine's Day or any other time.

It's that time of year when static reigns supreme, and with my daughters whispy hair, that means trouble.  We do a lot of ponytails and braids to keep the hair under control.  So, I made two new ribbon ponies.  For the first one, I used 2 different green ribbons, wrapped in the center with a piece of red ribbon.  And for the second one, I used one piece of wide sheer ribbon, plus 2 pieces of very narrow green ribbon.  I tied small jingle bells to the ends of the green ribbon.  These ribbon ponies are really simple to make and you can see one of my earlier posts HERE on how to put them together.

And last but not least, is this really simple hair clip.  Nothing fancy here!  I just hot glued the striped ribbon to the hair clip, then hot glued two pom poms to the top.

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