Sunday, September 26, 2010

Handmade Christmas Ornaments - Part 2

Yesterday, I shared some of the handmade handprint/footprint ornaments that I've made with my children over the past few years.  What made these ornaments a little extra special was the little poem that we attached to the back of each ornament.

Here are some of the poems we used:

This reindeer's a gift, to you from me,
Made with my hands and feet you see.
A pretty pink reindeer, sweet as heaven,
To show you how much I've grown in 2007.

This reindeer ornament was made with love,
To give as a gift to you from me.
You'll see how much I grew in 2005,
When you see his ornament hang on your tree.

This little angel is special you see,
because she is a part of me!
Her wings are my hands, her body my feet,
And on your tree she'll look so sweet!

When you hang this ornament from year to year,
I hope it brings you a smile from ear to ear.
This handprint Santa will help you to remember,
How small I was in 2004 in the month of December.

What a cute penguin, so merry and bright,
Made with my fingerprints of black and white.
I'm growing up so fast, did you hear?
I go to school and have gotten so big this year.

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