Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Teacher Can Make the World of Difference

My son heads back to school next week, and he has been feeling a bit apprehensive about first grade.  There's a desk, and a pencil box and homework!  Once he gets rolling though, everything falls into place and he does just great.

It was such a surprise this morning to read an email from his kindergarten teacher from last year.  She sent this email to all of her students from last year with a kind and loving little pep talk:

Dear boys and girls,

Wow, Summer is almost over and you'll be coming back to school with all sorts of new supplies, new feelings, new clothes and bookbags. It is so exciting for all of you. Try not to be nervous, even though I know you will feel a little funny in your bellies. It is OKAY and normal to feel that way. Remember way back when you came to kindergarten and you felt a little nervous at the beginning, and then you had a blast and made lots of friends once you got used to it. The same fun will happen again this year in first grade. Your teachers are fixing up their classrooms, and this year the room will be airconditioned. The teachers in first grade are lovely ladies and can't wait to meet you. You are all smartie-pants and those teachers will not ask you to do anything you can't do, and if you can't do it, they will teach you. You get homework this year...YAHOO!  I will see you in the 'halls of learning'. I am just like Mrs. Bindergarten getting ready for a new class of kindergarten. I will see you in school and I will smile at you whenever I see you. I might be busy showing the new little guys how to behave and learn, but just know that you always have a place in my heart. Take care of yourselves, and remember to raise your hand if you think you have an idea.

Mrs. Soper

My son has heard all of this from me for the past week or two, but it meant the world to him to hear it from her.  She is the kind of teacher that makes a difference in the life of a child.  She is the kind of teacher who makes her mark in a child's love of learning.  And for all of your love, kindness and support, we thank you so much Mrs. Soper!  Hope you have a fantastic year teaching a new group of lucky kindergarteners!

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