Wednesday, August 4, 2010

School Work Clothesline

School will be starting again before we know it, and that means kitchen counters and dining room tables will soon be inundated with papers, papers, and more papers!  Now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to organize and display your children's school work.

To help with the displaying of my children's work, I hung clotheslines.  I utilized one bare wall in my kitchen and devoted that space to displaying my children's school and art work.  I used small brass hooks and a piece of twine (you could use any kind of string or yarn) to create a clothesline.  I bought some colorful clothespins to use to display their work.

Fortunately, our wall space was large enough to hang two clotheslines, so I have enough room to display both kids' work.  I love how we filled up this bare wall, and I love to see their proud faces as we hang up new papers from school.  They also get involved by letting me know which of their papers they would like to display, and when the line is full which ones to take down so a new one can be added.

If your little one isn't in school yet, this is still a great way to hang up art projects and coloring pages that are completed at home or in daycare.

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