Monday, July 19, 2010

Scrapbooking ABC Tiles

Yesterday, I had the chance to actually work on some scrapbooking and I am very happy to say that I completed the layouts I had been working on.  Yay!

With my living room floor covered in supplies, I came across a set of alphabet letter die cuts.  As I was punching them out, my daughter came over and started moving them around, putting them in ABC order and spelling her name.  Then I thought I could use these to make some new alphabet magnets, that both of my kids could use.

So, I finished punching out all the letters.  There is one of each uppercase letter and one of each lowercase letter with a few extra vowels and common consonants.  They are on the small side, but that can be helpful for strengthening fine motor skills.

Next, I laminated them for durability.  I was raiding DH's home office space one day looking for something and came across these self adhesive laminating sheets he had.  They are awesome!  I think contact paper would work just as well.

After cutting out all the letters, I cut small pieces of adhesive magnetic strip to put on the back of each letter.  And they were ready to go on the refrigerator!

Both kids love these and were fighting over them already this morning.  I feel they will be great for Keira who is learning her alphabet, letter sounds and building words.  She practiced this morning matching upper and lower case letters and spelling her name.

For Kaden, they will be helpful in practicing spelling new words and continuing to work on more advance letter sounds like blends and vowel combinations.  He used the letters to spell a few words for me.

I also utilized some paper scraps I had.  This paper was like a grid with these one inch squares all over it.  I thought these would be handy if I created strips of different lengths.  We could use them to practice spelling short 2, 3 and 4 letter words.  These also come in handy when creating word families too.

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